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A Affordable Computer Repair North Miami Beach

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North Miami Beach Computer Repair

Free Repair Estimates

Low Repair Prices

Reliable Computer Service and Repair
At The Same North Miami Beach
Location for Over 20 Years

Dont Let Computer Frustrations Get The Best Of You, Call Danny, A Affordable Computer Repair, North Miami Beach, Florida, 305-653-7800

A Affordable Computer Repair

495 N.E. 167th Street
North Miami Beach, Florida 33162

Danny Gilbert - 305-653-7800

Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 7 pm

Saturday 11 am - 4 pm

Virus removal flat rates $65 Vista or Windows 7, $55 XP. 3 hours done . Over 20 years repairing computers in the same North Miami Beach location. Free estimates. Free over the phone help.(305) 653-7800.

Broken laptop screen? We tell you to look online and buy the screen yourself (most are $60-$100).Then bring it in with the new screen to be installed for $45 and done in 2 hours. Other places charge you $200-$300 to buy and replace the screen.(plug a monitor or flat TV into the side to use your laptop with a bad screen).

Need a new computer? We bring in the sales flyers to show you where the best deals are this week. Laptops $300 to$400 and desktops too most weeks. Small stores can't beat these deals.

Pop-up fake anti-virus is common. If you see it do not hit yes or no, hit the X to close the pop-up. If it won't close hit ALT-CTRL-Delete and end task on it (you may need to unplug the internet cable also).



Low Vision Computer Software

Apple Repairs Phones, Screens, Computers

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Michael Todd
Horse Racing Handicappers News

North Miami Beach
Internet Café

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Professional Résumé Design Services

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Colors, Composition: People & Places: Brooklyn to West Palm Beach

Chaim, The Shtender Macher

Levi, The Cowboy Chazzan

The Rabbi's Message, Rabbi Pinchas A. Weberman

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A Affordable Computer Repairs, North Miami Beach, Florida
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